What We Do

Grimaldi Law Firm specializes in working alongside Realtors to make the closing process, whether commercial or residential, go as smoothly as possible. Our team uses the most advanced technology to communicate with both you and our vendors. We love continuing education and you’ll find us often teaching courses, hosting classes and webinars, and educating at the Miami Board of Realtors.

Our Core Values:


We are High Achievers Who Are Results Oriented.

  • We believe you can have excuses, or you can have results. We are hungry for achievement and accomplishment; therefore:
  • We go for results.
  • We do everything we can, within the parameters of our roles to help our company grow and achieve our goals as well as the goals of our clients and referral partners.


We are Team Players who

  • Offer help and support to others even when it is not his/her job.
  • Embrace collaboration. Seeks opportunities to work with and support others.
  • Have the objective of a team win as their top priority.
  • Seek to obtain the team objective over the personal objectives.
  • Are flexible on the “means” to attain a goal and open to feedback and different ways of achieving the goals.
  • Recognizes the strengths of others.


We adhere to the rules and regulations of the legal, real estate, and financial industries. In every step of our transactions, we make sure that we are accurate in the data we input, the documents we draft, and the information we communicate to others and within the team. EVERYTHING gets documents to allow for a paper trail of information and for the team to see the record of what is happening in any file. We input accurate data into our systems timely so the rest of the team has accurate, current information and so that we can generate accurate reporting.

8 characteristics of a high-performing team:

  • Have clear goals tied closely to the team and organizational priorities [KPIs]
  • Understand how their work fits into the organizational mission
  • Have defined roles and responsibilities
  • Communicate clearly and respectfully
  • Manage work and deadlines based on priorities
  • Trust and respect each other
  • Celebrate success together and recognize contributions
  • Practice continuous learning


We are a persistent team who will not stop communicating with each other, our clients, and our referral partners. Great Communication allows everyone on the team to be educated on any topic that may affect their work. Moreover, it develops trust, builds camaraderie among the team members, boosts morale, and helps team members stay engaged. Client communication is important because it establishes and maintains trust between the client and the business. When customers trust a brand, they may be more likely to remain loyal.

  • Daily meetings to discuss transactions and how we can settle smoothly and accordingly
  • Gathering feedback so we can collect ideas to improve our services
  • Add a weekly update policy for all closing files – this assists with proactive communications to all those involved.
  • Email policy: all emails must be responded the same day or acknowledged that we are waiting on information
  • Additional policies have been created to ensure consistent and accurate communications


We are a team working at our own will to be responsible individuals

  • who follow through on our commitment
  • finish our tasks and complete our goals
  • do not hide our mistakes and blame others


With all the technological advancements and updates that are constantly happening, our team makes sure that we are on par and adapting. Modifying and improving our tools and systems every day. In team meetings, we discuss how we can improve.

Customer service

We go beyond our means to offer complete service to our clients. We value time, money, and resources by responding at a top speed making sure we eliminate possibilities of errors along the way.

Interested in something beyond real estate law? We also provide support in all aspects of estate planning, probate, and business law matters.

In a constantly evolving real estate market, we’ll make sure you fully comprehend each step of the process. When it comes to solidifying and organizing your family’s future, we are on your side. In case you or your family needs to handle probate matters with complete trust and dignity, we’re here for you. Thinking of starting a business or need assistance in handling your business matters, Grimaldi Law Firm has you covered.

When it comes to legal representation in Florida, Grimaldi Law Firm not only has your best interests at heart, we make your future our present.

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