Get Organized When it Comes to Your Estate Planning!

Organize Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Information

When it comes to doing an estate plan, getting organized can help move the process along quickly, and preparing ahead of time can help you feel more confident during the process.

Trust me. I get it. I did it too.

Gathering information for your estate plan can feel overwhelming. Nobody wants to think about the possiblity of no longer being around.

But it doesn’t have to be if you just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Learn about your options for estate planning. Spend time on our blog, FAQ page or ask us for some materials. You’ll soon have a basic understanding of the vocabulary and planning tools available to you.

Step 2: Organize your assets. Note account numbers and financial details. Keep this information in a convenient, secure place so you can easily return to it and continue working if need be.

Step 3: Meet with an attorney. Share your information and formalize your estate plan. With these steps completed, you’ll be well on your way.

Step 4: Share your intentions. Share this information with loved ones, your executor, and any charities you may include. At the very least, you should leave a copy of your will with your attorney, and make sure your personal representative has your attorney’s name and contact information.

Getting organized can help move the process along quickly, and preparing ahead of time can help you feel more confident in your Estate Planning! That is why we created a comprehensive checklist of items for our clients to review and fill out. This list will help make Steps 2 and 3 much easier.

Have more questions? Check out our Estate Planning FAQ Page or visit our Blog for helpful tips!

Do you want to start working on your checklist? E-mail us at to schedule a family planning session and request a checklist so you can get started with the process.

At Grimaldi Law Firm, your future is our present.

Melinda Grimaldi is an attorney in Hollywood, Florida, whose practice is concentrated in the areas of commercial and residential real estate and estate planning law.

She can be reached at (954) 491-8707


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